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We can help you with your criminal case, family law issue or personal injury

No person looks forward to dealing with a legal battle when it seems like the only direction they are going is uphill. Whether you have been seriously injured in an accident, need assistance with a divorce or got a DUI — we are here for you. When you work with the team at The Law Office of Lorri Kline, you can trust that we will take initiative in resolving the legal issue you are facing.

Family Law

The Law Office of Lorri Kline handles a full range of family law and domestic cases, including divorce, custody, child support, guardianship, domestic violence, modifications, and paternity cases. Our family law attorneys are prepared to handle any and all aspects of your legal needs associated with the family.
We are dedicated to providing legal services in a compassionate manner tailored to meet your needs. Family law matters are complex, emotionally challenging and stressful for all parties involved, especially children. Each case is unique and due to the sensitivity of these issues it is important to have a lawyer you can trust. We work with you and the opposing party to reach an agreement through negotiation and mediation, if an agreement cannot be reached, we have the confidence and experience needed to take your case to trial.
Please contact us for a consultation to receive the individual care and consideration you deserve. Some cases may require a $150.00 consultation fee that is applied to the attorney’s fee if we are retained. The purpose of the initial consultation is to discuss the services essential to achieving your goals. During this consultation, we provide you with an individualized fee assessment.
We are committed to providing high-quality legal representation at an affordable price. To the extent possible, we will work with each client to create a fee arrangement that is affordable and practical. As a result, our services ensure outstanding legal representation at a great value.

We handle all types of family law cases, including:

  • Divorce [link to Divorce page]
  • Child custody [link to child custody page]
  • Child support
  • Modifications of custody and support orders
  • Paternity: if the parents of the child are not married, you need to file a paternity action to establish child custody and support, even if paternity is not at issue. 
  • Adoption
  • Maintenance (alimony)
  • Name changes
  • Family Access Motions: if you have a custody order in place and you are being denied access to your child, you may want to consider filing a family access motion. 
  • Contempt Motions
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection
  • Child orders of protection
  • Guardianships
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Grandparent rights
  • Third-party custody: if you are not the birth parent, you may have a right to custody in certain situations. 
  • Visitation

Criminal Law

Combining dedication and experience, our attorneys provide exceptional legal representation for clients charged with felony offenses, misdemeanors and traffic violations. We defend cases at the municipal and state levels in both adult and juvenile courts. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to handle your criminal defense. We understand the personal attention each criminal case demands and offer unwavering loyalty to our clients and the aggressive pursuit of their goals.
Being accused of a crime is a nerve racking and intimidating situation. Your liberty and freedom will be adversely effected by a conviction. The attorneys at The Law Office of Lorri Kline will zealously advocate for your rights and work to protect your freedom. We have experience in all areas of criminal defense work as our attorneys began their careers as public defenders. If the State of Missouri or city municipality has charged you with a crime, you need an attorney who will thoroughly represent you and your case.

We defend clients in all kinds of criminal cases, including:

  • Assaults
  • Burglary
  • Child endangerment
  • Domestic assault
  • Driving under revocation
  • Drug crimes
  • Drunk driving (DUI/DWI)
  • Homicide/murder
  • Juvenile offenders Juvenile crimes
  • Minor in possession
  • Probation revocations
  • Robbery
  • Sex offenses
  • Stealing
  • Tampering
  • Theft and property crimes
  • Tampering
  • Traffic violations 

Personal Injury

If you have suffered serious injuries or are grieving the death of a loved one as a result of an auto accident, contact our office for aggressive representation in holding the responsible parties accountable. We fight to get you the best resolution of your case
If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed, you may not know what to do. You may know that someone else is at fault, but how can you be compensated for your injuries or the loss of a loved one?
Find out by coming in for a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Lorri Kline. If we take your case, we will work on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not charge attorney’s fees until we obtain a settlement or jury verdict on your behalf.
You may have already been approached by an insurance company willing to pay all your medical expenses. Don’t agree to anything —the insurance company is out to give you as little money as possible, not to help you. Just having an experienced Missouri personal injury lawyer on your side can scare insurance companies into offering more money for lost wages, pain and suffering, and the many other expenses that arose from the accident.
And if the insurance company won’t settle out of court for what you deserve, our personal injury lawyers will not hesitate to take it to court. Our attorneys appear in courts all over mid-Missouri and are well known and well respected throughout the judicial system.


Mediation is a non-adversarial process, through which each party is encouraged to take responsibility for resolving the dispute. This responsibility includes participating actively in problem-solving discussions with the assistance of a trained neutral mediator. 
Mediators are trained in using appropriate skills and techniques to open and improve communication between parties involved in a dispute and encourage a resolution of the dispute. All involved must view the mediator as impartial and work to reach an agreement approved by everyone involved.
Mediation proceedings are confidential, not on the record and rules of evidence do not apply. Mediators do not make any findings of fact and do not impose any decisions or rulings upon the parties.
While mediators may encourage and assist the parties in resolving their dispute, they do not try to compel or coerce the parties into a settlement. 
Mediators make no reports to the court which could result in prejudice to a party. If the outcome of the dispute resolution session is reported to the referring court, the mediator indicates only the terms of any agreement reached or the fact that no agreement was reached. The mediator is prohibited from disclosing any information exchanged during the proceeding.

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