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Our experienced lawyers work aggressively to protect your rights. 

Many individuals face vital issues during their lives that require an attorney dedicated to protecting their rights, no matter who you’re up against. The Law Office of Lorri Kline recognizes that every client has unique issues. We take a comprehensive approach to finding the solutions that help resolve your legal and personal needs. Whether you need help regarding family law, personal injury or a recent DUI arrest - we want to help! 

Personalized attention, no matter the case

Our goal at The Law Office of Lorri Kline is to ensure your legal matter is met with the utmost personal service and legal representation Columbia has to offer. We know you are likely scared or worried—or both. Dealing with a legal problem is not easy. Neither is finding the right attorney to represent you. Call our legal team to secure aggressive representation for your case.
Legal representator in Columbia

Criminal defense for college students

Living in a college town can bring its fair share of youthful indiscretions. An arrest can have lifelong consequences, putting jobs, future careers, financial stability and/or scholarship funding at risk. If you have found yourself charged with a crime, take immediate action and call The Law Office of Lorri Kline. We understand the panic you may feel and will work tirelessly to help minimize the penalties you face. 

Practice areas

Serious injuries, car wrecks, disability, divorce, custody disputes and being arrested on serious criminal charges can all be an overwhelming time in a person's life or to a family. Choosing the right attorney to handle your specific case is important. We manage criminal defense, family law and mediation, personal injury and wrongful deaths. We give our clients aggressive and individualized representation to get them resolution fast!

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